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Since Amy opened AMG Innovative Consultants, we’ve been about making an impact. When we opened March 2, 2020 is was 11 days before covid shut the world down. Our goal was to have a positive impact on small businesses by helping more stay open.

By March 2022, our goal was to provide employment opportunities to others with disabilities. We accomplished these initial goals and strive to continue to make a positive impact.

In 2023, the path to making a bigger impact became clear. Amy decided to finally publish a book detailing her journey with a corn and corn derivative allergy. The knowledge she has gained over the last decade can help companies tap into a $19 billion underserved market.

BUT most importantly, help consumers with allergies find safer products.

We can use our knowledge to help the food industry learn how allergy-having consumers shop.It also allows us the opportunity to train employees in the food industry how to better respond to questions.

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Amy’s goal is to help companies find their ideal client online. She helps them understand how to focus a website on a human not an algorithm. She uses her background as a business analyst to help her clients develop a marketing strategy that is trackable with transparency and accountability.

Her career began in the 1990s in retail. By 2001 she was managing stores and discovering her style of business leadership. In 2003 she began to take on stores on the verge of closing. Her first store went from $500,00 a year in sales to $8.5 Million two-and-a-half years later. Her keys to success were treating her staff like humans and being able to read human behavior in data.

Today her clients call her the #GigglingGoogleGuru.

She is a certified Business Analyst.

She is also certified in Google Analytics.
Amy Graves balancing on her crutches with feet above the ocean.
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The Corn Dilemma: what food producers don’t want you to know

Amy wrote a book! You can find out about Amy’s journey and how she is using it to help companies and consumers.

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