WHO We Are.

Learn about AMG's mission, values, and vision. Learn why, how, and who we help.

About AMG Innovative Consultants

Our Mission is to help businesses to use data to understand customer behavior and improve sales.

We value diligent analysis with honest feedback and innovative solutions using the core concepts set forth by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Our vision is to expand the ability of businesses to achieve and maintain success with analytical data and business knowledge.

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Image of Amy Graves, a SEO Consultant, wearing a black suit with a bright pink shirt. She is sitting on the front porch steps with her forearm crutches next to her.

Core Values

  • IntegrityWe believe in acting with the highest integrity. We do what’s right for our clients to get them results.
  • Accountability – Our process uses data to measure success. We show how and why what we do works. The data also shows us when we need to tweak and help our clients reach further.
  • Dependability – When we say a job will get done, it gets done.
  • Transparency – All meeting notes, to-do lists, and documentation are created for the client to see what we are doing and how.

A Company with a Drive to Make a Positive Impact

Since Amy opened AMG Innovative Consultants, we’ve been about making an impact. When we opened March 2, 2020 is was 11 days before covid shut the world down. Our goal was to have a positive impact on small businesses by helping more stay open. By March 2022, our goal was to provide employment opportunities to others with disabilities. We accomplished these initial goals and strive to being able to continue to make a positive impact.

In 2023, the path to making a bigger impact became clear. Amy decided to finally publish a book detailing her journey with a corn and corn derivative allergy. The knowledge she has gained over the last decade can help companies tap into a $19 billion underserved market. BUT most importantly, help consumers with allergies find safer products. We can use our knowledge to help the food industry learn how allergy-having consumers shop. It also allows us the opportunity to train employees in the food industry how to better respond to questions.

The road is clear. Will you journey with us towards a brighter future?

What Can We Do To Make a Difference?

At AMG we lay the groundwork for marketing and increased sales with a focus on Google Search Engine, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Ideal Client Work. Our process is simple and effective with tools, plans, and processes. This means your business can stay open for years to come.

Amy has 20+ years of experience working in various retail sectors in the retail industry. She’s worked in Fine Jewelry to Commercial Tires and quite a bit in between. She is a certified Business Analyst with an understanding of how the entire business works from the back office to the sales floor.